Bumblehill: Where Magic Lives

Like the setting of a favorite book, I think fondly of Terri Wildling’s home on Bumblehill. It is photographed and described on her blog, Myth and Moor. Wilding posts daily and often includes original pictures (captured by hand and camera) of local nature and sweet Tilly among the wild flowers. She writes of fairytales and mythic symbolism; when I came across the blog in 2013, it quickly became one of my favorites.

Wildling is a prolific author in the fantasy fiction realm. She also edits and curates other fantasy material. If you’re not big on fantasy and folklore like I am, you may find more interest in her weekly Tunes for a Monday Morning series, or these articles I have hand-picked for my wonderful readers:

If you don’t understand the spoon metaphor in the first post, please refer to my article here that plays with the spoon metaphor or the original story here by Christine Miserandino.

Since I’m running out of time in the day for my list of gratitudes, I will list them here.

  1. I am grateful for Terri Wildling for her blog, her inspiration, and her words.
  2. I am grateful for Jane Yolen, my number one favorite author, who led me to the Myth and Moor blog many years ago.
  3. I am grateful for my brand new laptop, a gift from my mother upon my college graduation (a couple months delayed, but appreciated all the same). My former laptop that got me through college finally gave up yesterday morning. It’s been sporadically crashing and asthmatically whirring for a couple years, so I knew the end was nigh. I upgraded to a MacBook Air, sleek and light. Hopefully having a more reliable laptop will help me to post more often!

Good night, dear readers! May we all dream sweetly. of the day we have creative studios in a setting where magic takes place routinely.

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Gratitude Journal 7.11.2017

Hello, readers!

I’ve skipped a couple days because I’ve been too busy celebrating my birthday! Some wonderful friends showed up on Saturday and surprised me with a late lunch and game night, and yesterday I had a wonderful 24th birthday on the beach.

To make up for my absence, I’ll be writing a few extra gratitudes today beyond my usual 3

1. I am so, so humbled by the caring and affection of my friends and family who helped me celebrate. No matter where I live, these lovely people make me feel important and at home! I am lucky beyond words.

2. My dear new next door neighbors gave me a birthday plant! I don’t know what it’s called, but it has lovely purple flowers. The youngest daughter wrote me a card as well. It was so unexpected, as I just mentioned my birthday in passing, but very much appreciated! We have plans to have a game night and brush up on the game of chess (and also hang out with their precious new chihuahua mix puppies, about two months old and full of kisses!).

3. Living close enough to the beach to walk there, and having an able body to get me out the door, to the shore, and back. My father sent me a fitness tracker for my birthday so I’ve been able to count my steps during each morning walk to the beach! For once, I’m actually hitting my 10,00 steps regularly. Plus, I find great peace inhaling the briny air while waves lap at my feet.

4. Local discounts! For my birthday, the poké place I’ve been frequently lately threw in some extra “nachos,” which were super delicious. Through Groupon, I got a haircut that feels light and summery. I also discovered a beauty class for free at the Sephora a few blocks over, so today I learned how to draw on my eyebrows! The run down:

    • start with moisturizer.
    • Line the start of the brow up with an eyebrow pencil placed parallel to your nose.
    • The arch is lined up with the side of the nose when the pencil is placed at an eye that bisects the pupil.
    • The end of the brow is the point the pencil reaches from nose to corner of the eye.
    • Fill in the arch-to-end region with pencil, the start-to-arch with powder, and set with a gel.
    • Finish by tapping concealer both over and under the brow to help it really pop.

5. Continued professional development. While I didn’t expect to spend so much time job searching, I have learned such a lot about new companies and roles I hadn’t heard of a year ago, such as a user experience designer. I’ve been using online courses to learn social media marketing. In the next few days, I’m earning an American Marketing Association certificate via LinkedIn Learning. Skills I’ve been studying include social media metrics, email marketing, online advertising on Facebook, LinedIn, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, and more advanced SEO skills I’ve been using since I started working with Lady Freethinker in April. While I’m more familiar with creating and editing written word, I’m interested in marketing because it incorporates more visual aspects. Colors and pictures appeal to the artist within me who never quite learned how to draw!

Thanks for tuning in this evening and allowing me to share my daily gratitude and joys with you. 

Gratitude Journal 7.6.2017

  1. Phone calls wth my mother and sister. Simultaneously trying to carry on a conversation was tough, but it’s so lovely to connect with them despite living on the other side of a state line. 
  2. The kind grocery store cashier who fit all my items in my 3 reusable bags like a pro (because he is!). A couple items ended up in my purse but I really didn’t want to take any additional bags and he was able to grant my wish!
  3. Learning opportunities, even when they come wth a side of self-doubt. It makes strengthening my resilience all the more important.

Those of my top three gratitudes for the day! What about you? 

Gratitude Journal 7.5.2017

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a nice return to the “real world” after yesterday’s celebrating. I did! 
Today, I’m feeling especially grateful for these things:

  1. My next door neighbors, who enjoyed the cookies I gave them and in return invited me over to play with their new chihuahua puppies “any time!”
  2. The kind people who took time to interview me today. Fingers crossed!
  3. A TED Talk that came up on my LinkedIn feed on the clues to a great story from Pixar’s Andrew Stanton. Warning: it starts off with a joke so if you’re offended by Irish accents or profanity, skip ahead to the 1:22 mark (but it’s a good joke, so reconcider). He has some good thoughts about stories and storytelling that I highly recommend to readers, learners, and storytellers everywhere. 

Until tomorrow, mes amies! 🌼

Gratitude Journal 7.4.2017

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S. so I’ll keep today’s post short and sweet! 

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. My freedom to speak my mind and my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Today, that meant taking two naps and talking longer to my neighbors’ dog than to my neighbor. 
  2. A wonderful friend who sent me this video of “the happiest moment in human history.”
  3. The ability to make cookies for the neighbors. Unfortunately I ran out of paper plates before delivery so those will have to stay on my kitchen table until tomorrow!

Have a beautiful day, friends and followers! 

Gratitude Journal 7.3.2017

  1. I live in a lovely neighborhood with a grocery store just two blocks away! I am grateful for the neighborhood as well as the neighbors: every person I smiled at during my morning walk to the store returned my greeting.
  2. Because doing the dishes is my least favorite chore –stand in place and get soapy? Pass, please–I am grateful that I rarely have to do them. I’m sitting here with the front of my shirt still damp and sending thanks to my love, currently away, for doing the dishes 95% of the time. Making cookie dough was worth the extra dishes, though!
  3. My heating pad. I have some pain flaring up and just having my heating pad is helping so much. 

Thanks for tuning in for my second day of gratitude! Again, I encourage you to come up with your own list of gratitudes! If you’d like to share them with me, I am a welcome audience. 

Best wishes to all!

Dash of Sugar: Cure for the Monday Blues

“Pinch of salt,

dash of sugar,

Flour, butter: mix.

When skies are gray–

And love’s away–

Baking is the fix!”

Disclaimer: be kind, please! Poetry before the coffee has kicked in is never awe-inspiring.

It’s Monday!

It’s cool and cloudy in my neck of the woods, but I am looking forward to a day of baking some star-spangled sugar cookies and going to the beach with some college friends.

Since I moved recently, I’m using America’s birthday as an excuse to dust off my cookie sheets. Tomorrow, I’m going to deliver a plate of star-shaped sugar cookies to each of my neighbors! There are only 10 apartments in the community, so it shouldn’t be too big of an undertaking. I have oodles of free time (#unemployed) because my roommate/love is out of town visiting family, so it’s just me and The Bella.

After I make a few batches of dough, I’m tentatively planning on going to the beach with some super cool friends (as if there is any other kind!). I’m not sure if it will end up being a sun-bathing kind of day but I’ll find the sunscreen just in case.

If today feels like a baking day to you as well, here is the recipe I’m using: Soft Cut-Out Sugar Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. This recipe has been my go-to for years and always turns out well! Once, I made the dough, chilled it, cut out adorable teacup shapes, and then tucked it in the freezer for three months. After thawing and baking, people still raved about it! You can find my other favorites on my Pinterest, but forgive me for not having my food board very well organized! It’s on my someday-list.

I also recommend some good baking music, starting with this song from Waitress the Musical as performed by Sara Bareilles. Chase down the sweet, wistful melody with more  flavors from the musical: up-tempo zestmelancholy delight, and toe-tapping salted silliness.

I dare you not to learn all the words just you you can sing along as you toss an extra dash of sugar in the bowl!

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