Social, Investigative Artist: My Career Interest Profile

Good evening, lovely people! Today, I chose a theme I am grateful for (as opposed to a list of incidents, like I have previously done): my ability to follow my professional dreams.
The problem is, I wasn’t sure how to start identifying my dreams in order to pursue them. To start, I used this awesome free tool called O*NET Online. I took a short-ish quiz (about 60 items to rate on a 5-point scale) to build up my professional interest profile. Based on how much I felt like I would enjoy things like “write books or plays” (strongly like, for me) or “build kitchen cabinets” (I don’t like loud machinery or the risk of losing a digit, so that was a dislike for me). You can try it for yourself self on My Next Move!
Here are my results:

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It’s been 5 months since my last post. I have had plenty to be grateful for, between my new job and lovely coworkers. Still, I have t felt like I have words to share.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about choking on food. I’ve dreamed of physically removing pretzels from my mouth so I can speak. Now I don’t usually think of dreams as prophetic, and I’m sure having a cold and a sore throat and copious quantities of phlegm has had something to do with these dreams.

However, I’ve also been swallowing words in my waking life. I resolve conflict, I keep peace, I try to keep people around me happy.

Bear with me, dear ones. I hope to find my words again soon.

Gratitude Journal 8.28.2017

  1. I am grateful for my supervisor! She is so patient and understanding with allies new people in the office. She answers every question I have fully and completely, whether it is my request for her opinion or asking how to send a blast email from Microsoft Word.
  2. I am grateful for my health. If you know me in real life, or follow my writing, you know I dabble in chronic illness as more than a professional curiosity. I have found new members of my support system in my new community, and their recommendations have already proved beneficial to my daily life. I hope to write more about that soon!
  3. As September rolls around, I am grateful for all my education: the critical thinking of high school, creativity of kindergarten, complex problem solving in college. Maybe someday I will be back in a classroom, but today I am grateful for where I am. 

My Keyboard Is Magnetic

I admit it: I have been neglecting my blog. Excuse number one: I started working full-time. My usual writing time (between 6 and 10 a.m.) filled up with getting ready for work and commuting to Los Angeles by 7:30 a.m. I work with schools for a local nonprofit, and I really don’t mind earlier hours. Except my keyboard is magnetic.

My fingers are drawn to the keys with an attraction only akin to magnets. Since my last post, I’ve emailed and tweeted and entered data, but none of it has been on my keyboard.  I have edited other people’s words, but there is none of the flow from brain to keyboard that there is, in this moment, transmitting my own thoughts to you.

My other excuse for my lack of wiring is that both rooms in my apartment have been occupied by sleeping humans while I tiptoe around to get ready. My window of opportunity today occurred because with one friend leaving even earlier than me for a job. Without coffee, without inspiration, without even brushing my teeth, I was drawn to my computer.

Fingers on keys.

Butt in chair.

Stream of consciousness.

That is all it takes.

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Carousel Horse: A Memory Musing

I have a music box on my shelf featuring a glitter-filled snow globe encasing a carousel horse.

The gold post bisects a white pony. The pony has a straw-colored mane and tail, gold hooves, and a pale saddle dressed up with blue ribbons. Blush roses adorn the base of the tail and the side of the face.

When I wind up the bottom, the melody of “Wind Beneath My Wings” tinkles out into the air. The song reminds me of road trips with my mom and sisters, listening to a compilation of Girl Scout songs. It was one of our regular CDs in the rotation, along with The Beatle’s Number One Hits, and Christmas songs in the heat of summer.

My music box was a gift from my parents many years ago. I always wanted to ride the ponies on the carousel at our local zoo’s bite-sized amusement park, by-passing the tigers and giraffes. There are a few pictures in my box of childhood snapshots on these ponies–never with me smiling, though. I was a shy, silly child, and always closed my eyes and pulled faces when a camera was pointed my way.

It’s been years since my mother bundled her three daughters into the car to taxi us to her father, six hours away. Still, I can hear her voice as an echo behind the music box:

Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
And everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
For you are the wind beneath my wings.carousel-168125_960_720.jpg

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Gratitude Journal 8.8.2017

Hello, followers! I am so sorry for my unintentional hiatus! There is a good reason for it–well, not a satisfactory excuse, but a happy one–I got a job! I’ve been taking a break from my computer since I don’t need to spend my mornings scrolling through job posts and endlessly tweaking my resume.

If any of you are still in the job-hunting phase of your lives, I am here for advising and resume editing! Just let me know. I sure did a lot of research on the subject before landing this position, so I have plenty of wisdom to share!

I start work next week, but I’m still feeling so grateful, I’m scared to jinx my position by naming it! In essence: I’m thrilled to be working with a local chapter of a national nonprofit that has a vision the aligns with my own. I can’t wait to start!

Three gratitudes for today:

  1. The people who continue viewing my blog! Thank you for your support and kindness. This one’s for you!
  2. My new job! More to come on that subject, I am sure.
  3. The job that my roommate/honey landed! He started yesterday and I miss him terribly during the day. Makes me all the more eager to start my own career on Monday, and ever so happy I’ll be able to continue living in my beautiful new home by the beach.

Bumblehill: Where Magic Lives

Like the setting of a favorite book, I think fondly of Terri Wildling’s home on Bumblehill. It is photographed and described on her blog, Myth and Moor. Wilding posts daily and often includes original pictures (captured by hand and camera) of local nature and sweet Tilly among the wild flowers. She writes of fairytales and mythic symbolism; when I came across the blog in 2013, it quickly became one of my favorites.

Wildling is a prolific author in the fantasy fiction realm. She also edits and curates other fantasy material. If you’re not big on fantasy and folklore like I am, you may find more interest in her weekly Tunes for a Monday Morning series, or these articles I have hand-picked for my wonderful readers:

If you don’t understand the spoon metaphor in the first post, please refer to my article here that plays with the spoon metaphor or the original story here by Christine Miserandino.

Since I’m running out of time in the day for my list of gratitudes, I will list them here.

  1. I am grateful for Terri Wildling for her blog, her inspiration, and her words.
  2. I am grateful for Jane Yolen, my number one favorite author, who led me to the Myth and Moor blog many years ago.
  3. I am grateful for my brand new laptop, a gift from my mother upon my college graduation (a couple months delayed, but appreciated all the same). My former laptop that got me through college finally gave up yesterday morning. It’s been sporadically crashing and asthmatically whirring for a couple years, so I knew the end was nigh. I upgraded to a MacBook Air, sleek and light. Hopefully having a more reliable laptop will help me to post more often!

Good night, dear readers! May we all dream sweetly. of the day we have creative studios in a setting where magic takes place routinely.

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