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Gratitude Journal 8.28.2017

  1. I am grateful for my supervisor! She is so patient and understanding with allies new people in the office. She answers every question I have fully and completely, whether it is my request for her opinion or asking how to send a blast email from Microsoft Word.
  2. I am grateful for my health. If you know me in real life, or follow my writing, you know I dabble in chronic illness as more than a professional curiosity. I have found new members of my support system in my new community, and their recommendations have already proved beneficial to my daily life. I hope to write more about that soon!
  3. As September rolls around, I am grateful for all my education: the critical thinking of high school, creativity of kindergarten, complex problem solving in college. Maybe someday I will be back in a classroom, but today I am grateful for where I am. 

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