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Bumblehill: Where Magic Lives

Like the setting of a favorite book, I think fondly of Terri Wildling’s home on Bumblehill. It is photographed and described on her blog, Myth and Moor. Wilding posts daily and often includes original pictures (captured by hand and camera) of local nature and sweet Tilly among the wild flowers. She writes of fairytales and mythic symbolism; when I came across the blog in 2013, it quickly became one of my favorites.

Wildling is a prolific author in the fantasy fiction realm. She also edits and curates other fantasy material. If you’re not big on fantasy and folklore like I am, you may find more interest in her weekly Tunes for a Monday Morning series, or these articles I have hand-picked for my wonderful readers:

If you don’t understand the spoon metaphor in the first post, please refer to my article here that plays with the spoon metaphor or the original story here by Christine Miserandino.

Since I’m running out of time in the day for my list of gratitudes, I will list them here.

  1. I am grateful for Terri Wildling for her blog, her inspiration, and her words.
  2. I am grateful for Jane Yolen, my number one favorite author, who led me to the Myth and Moor blog many years ago.
  3. I am grateful for my brand new laptop, a gift from my mother upon my college graduation (a couple months delayed, but appreciated all the same). My former laptop that got me through college finally gave up yesterday morning. It’s been sporadically crashing and asthmatically whirring for a couple years, so I knew the end was nigh. I upgraded to a MacBook Air, sleek and light. Hopefully having a more reliable laptop will help me to post more often!

Good night, dear readers! May we all dream sweetly. of the day we have creative studios in a setting where magic takes place routinely.

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