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Gratitude Journal 7.11.2017

Hello, readers!

I’ve skipped a couple days because I’ve been too busy celebrating my birthday! Some wonderful friends showed up on Saturday and surprised me with a late lunch and game night, and yesterday I had a wonderful 24th birthday on the beach.

To make up for my absence, I’ll be writing a few extra gratitudes today beyond my usual 3

1. I am so, so humbled by the caring and affection of my friends and family who helped me celebrate. No matter where I live, these lovely people make me feel important and at home! I am lucky beyond words.

2. My dear new next door neighbors gave me a birthday plant! I don’t know what it’s called, but it has lovely purple flowers. The youngest daughter wrote me a card as well. It was so unexpected, as I just mentioned my birthday in passing, but very much appreciated! We have plans to have a game night and brush up on the game of chess (and also hang out with their precious new chihuahua mix puppies, about two months old and full of kisses!).

3. Living close enough to the beach to walk there, and having an able body to get me out the door, to the shore, and back. My father sent me a fitness tracker for my birthday so I’ve been able to count my steps during each morning walk to the beach! For once, I’m actually hitting my 10,00 steps regularly. Plus, I find great peace inhaling the briny air while waves lap at my feet.

4. Local discounts! For my birthday, the poké place I’ve been frequently lately threw in some extra “nachos,” which were super delicious. Through Groupon, I got a haircut that feels light and summery. I also discovered a beauty class for free at the Sephora a few blocks over, so today I learned how to draw on my eyebrows! The run down:

    • start with moisturizer.
    • Line the start of the brow up with an eyebrow pencil placed parallel to your nose.
    • The arch is lined up with the side of the nose when the pencil is placed at an eye that bisects the pupil.
    • The end of the brow is the point the pencil reaches from nose to corner of the eye.
    • Fill in the arch-to-end region with pencil, the start-to-arch with powder, and set with a gel.
    • Finish by tapping concealer both over and under the brow to help it really pop.

5. Continued professional development. While I didn’t expect to spend so much time job searching, I have learned such a lot about new companies and roles I hadn’t heard of a year ago, such as a user experience designer. I’ve been using online courses to learn social media marketing. In the next few days, I’m earning an American Marketing Association certificate via LinkedIn Learning. Skills I’ve been studying include social media metrics, email marketing, online advertising on Facebook, LinedIn, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, and more advanced SEO skills I’ve been using since I started working with Lady Freethinker in April. While I’m more familiar with creating and editing written word, I’m interested in marketing because it incorporates more visual aspects. Colors and pictures appeal to the artist within me who never quite learned how to draw!

Thanks for tuning in this evening and allowing me to share my daily gratitude and joys with you. 


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