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Gratitude Journal 7.5.2017

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a nice return to the “real world” after yesterday’s celebrating. I did! 
Today, I’m feeling especially grateful for these things:

  1. My next door neighbors, who enjoyed the cookies I gave them and in return invited me over to play with their new chihuahua puppies “any time!”
  2. The kind people who took time to interview me today. Fingers crossed!
  3. A TED Talk that came up on my LinkedIn feed on the clues to a great story from Pixar’s Andrew Stanton. Warning: it starts off with a joke so if you’re offended by Irish accents or profanity, skip ahead to the 1:22 mark (but it’s a good joke, so reconcider). He has some good thoughts about stories and storytelling that I highly recommend to readers, learners, and storytellers everywhere. 

Until tomorrow, mes amies! 🌼


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