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Gratitude Journal 7.3.2017

  1. I live in a lovely neighborhood with a grocery store just two blocks away! I am grateful for the neighborhood as well as the neighbors: every person I smiled at during my morning walk to the store returned my greeting.
  2. Because doing the dishes is my least favorite chore –stand in place and get soapy? Pass, please–I am grateful that I rarely have to do them. I’m sitting here with the front of my shirt still damp and sending thanks to my love, currently away, for doing the dishes 95% of the time. Making cookie dough was worth the extra dishes, though!
  3. My heating pad. I have some pain flaring up and just having my heating pad is helping so much. 

Thanks for tuning in for my second day of gratitude! Again, I encourage you to come up with your own list of gratitudes! If you’d like to share them with me, I am a welcome audience. 

Best wishes to all!


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