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Dash of Sugar: Cure for the Monday Blues

“Pinch of salt,

dash of sugar,

Flour, butter: mix.

When skies are gray–

And love’s away–

Baking is the fix!”

Disclaimer: be kind, please! Poetry before the coffee has kicked in is never awe-inspiring.

It’s Monday!

It’s cool and cloudy in my neck of the woods, but I am looking forward to a day of baking some star-spangled sugar cookies and going to the beach with some college friends.

Since I moved recently, I’m using America’s birthday as an excuse to dust off my cookie sheets. Tomorrow, I’m going to deliver a plate of star-shaped sugar cookies to each of my neighbors! There are only 10 apartments in the community, so it shouldn’t be too big of an undertaking. I have oodles of free time (#unemployed) because my roommate/love is out of town visiting family, so it’s just me and The Bella.

After I make a few batches of dough, I’m tentatively planning on going to the beach with some super cool friends (as if there is any other kind!). I’m not sure if it will end up being a sun-bathing kind of day but I’ll find the sunscreen just in case.

If today feels like a baking day to you as well, here is the recipe I’m using: Soft Cut-Out Sugar Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. This recipe has been my go-to for years and always turns out well! Once, I made the dough, chilled it, cut out adorable teacup shapes, and then tucked it in the freezer for three months. After thawing and baking, people still raved about it! You can find my other favorites on my Pinterest, but forgive me for not having my food board very well organized! It’s on my someday-list.

I also recommend some good baking music, starting with this song from Waitress the Musical as performed by Sara Bareilles. Chase down the sweet, wistful melody with more  flavors from the musical: up-tempo zestmelancholy delight, and toe-tapping salted silliness.

I dare you not to learn all the words just you you can sing along as you toss an extra dash of sugar in the bowl!

via Daily Prompt: Dash


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