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Gratitude Journal 7.2.2017

I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged lately, and my personal practice of listing three things a day that I am grateful for has been slipping. I’m hoping that publishing my daily gratitude list will hold me accountable! I invite you to make a daily list of gratitudes, as well; either on your own or in the comments! I look forward to reading what my fellow bloggers appreciate!

Today I am grateful for:

  1. The time and energy to arrange my new home. Today, I emptied several more boxes in the living room, found a home for all my books, constructed the shoe rack, and hung some art on the wall in the hallway.
  2. Beautiful WordPress themes available for free. Thank you, for creating this simple and charming theme!
  3. The fresh dawning of July. I’m biased–my birthday is on the tenth–but July has always been my favorite. It is the height of summer, with daily sunshine and smiling people. I miss the scent of chlorine from my 14 summers of swim team, but I’m sure I can learn to love the air perfumed with seawater and jasmine instead.

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