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The Perfumes of Memory Lane

Tea rose for my grandmommy. 

Chocolate clip cookies for my mother. 

The sharp eucalyptus-mint of my father’s chapstick. 

Meyer lemon trees for my grandpa, and Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. 

Whenever I catch a whiff of any one of these perfumes, I am transported to the side of my family members. I am at once sipping Lipton’s tea on the porch, or getting in the backseat of the car after a long day of school. I am four years old and curled up on the arm chair in my father’s office while he gets ready for work at the crack of dawn. I am nestled against my grandpa’s signature Hawaiian shirt on the couch while he reads to me stories of kittens and bulls who smell the flowers. 

The scents we wear may well be associated with us long after we have left. What perfumes will transport your loved ones back to you?


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