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7 Off-Beat Monthly Subscription Services I Wish I’d Thought Of

Monthly subscriptions are no longer limited to newspapers or fancy wines!  Here are some that really piqued my interest:


Novel Tea Box

1. Novel Tea Club This monthly box arrives with a book, a ready-to-make hot beverage, and other goodies like candles or bath products. $29.99 per month, or a discount for a 3-month prepaid cost ($83.98).  The company is Canada-based but will ship all over North America.


Munch Pak Box

2. MunchPak snacks from around the world start at $9.95 for 5 snacks up to $39.95 for 20 snacks.  You can customize it based on your snacking preferences (salty, sweet, foreign, meat, chips, etc.) and add a drink option to be included in the same delivery for additional charges




Foot Cardigan Product

3. Foot Cardigan will cover your feet in colorful coziness!  The Texas-based company offers plans from $15 to $9 a month for men, women, and children.  They send you a random pair of socks within your chosen category; for children, the company sends two pairs.


Le Parcel Box

4. Le Parcel is for people who menstruate. This service sends you 18 feminine hygiene products from name-brand options (customizable) AS WELL AS a chocolate-themed treat every 30 days for $12.  They’re based in Los Angeles.


5. Root Beer of the Month Club from The Root Beer Store sends you 6 bottles for $15.95 plus shipped calculated by where you live.  Past featured brews include Batch Brown Sugar Root Beer, O-So Butterscotch Root Beer, and something “quirkily” named Moose Whizz Root Beer.



5 Wacky Women Curated Picks

6. 5 Wacky Woman designed this monthly box for women.  Products include beauty products, electronic gadgets, or yummy treats.  Prices start at $34.95 and the company is located in Maryland.


Crazy Cat Lady Products: Flower cat toy, cat tote, custom cat umbrella, and cat butt pillows

7. Cat Lady Box is a service for aelurophiles that offers both “cat lady” and “crazy cat lady” varieties, depending on whether you want cat-themed stuff for you or also swag for your feline friends.  (If you want to learn what an aelurphile is, click here for that and other specific words for fanatics you didn’t know!)


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