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List of Love Locutions

I am a self-proclaimed logophilist, a more concise way to say I am a lover of words.  Although my high school honors English teacher always preached that one should never use a long word when a shorter one will do, I sometimes prefer one longer word to three or more short words.  And if Twitter has taught me anything, it is how to make each character count.

This post is about lovers of… [insert word here].  Well, actually it is about the words that describe these lovers.  It is absolutely not a comprehensive list (if you want that, try this link that has 80 pages of ‘phil’ words) but these are words I would like to use and hear more often.

  1. Phil: Latin for “to love”. Phil lends us Englishspeakers the root -phile which you will see often on this list.
  2. Abrakophile: lover/ collector of brick-a-brack, knick-knacks, and tchotchkes.
  3. Acrophile: love of mountains.
  4. Actophile: love of living on seashores; people who thrive on the beach.
  5. Aelurophile: fondness for cats.
  6. Alsophile: love of forests.
  7. Anthophile: love of flowers; bees, for example, show affinity for flowers in biology.
  8. Bibliophile: love of books
  9. Canophile: fondness for dogs
  10. Ergophile: devotion to working
  11. Extranophile: love of obscure knowledge; collector of facts; likely to be a trivia champ.
  12. Foodophile: love of food; a foodie.
  13. Gastrophile: love of good food, specifically; alternatively, a lover of one’s stomach; might imply excessive eating habits.
  14. Hodophile: love of travel.
  15. Nemophile: affinity for small woods.
  16. Oenophile: love of wine, likely a wine connoisseur. Also a vintnephilist.
  17. Paniphile: lover of bread.
  18. Philanthropist: lover of humans/ human kind.
  19. Philiater: interested in studying medicine.
  20. Philocale: love of beautiful things.
  21. Philodendron: love of trees.
  22. Philogeant: lover of the Earth; especially of the good on it.
  23. Philogient: lover of good things.
  24. Philologist: lover of words and/or languages.
  25. Philomath: lover of learning.
  26. Philomuse: love of arts and literature.
  27. Philomythist: love of myth and legends.
  28. Philosopher: lover of wisdom.
  29. Pluviophile: love of rain.
  30. Potruspytophil: teapot lover; a collector of teapots.
  31. Technophile: lover of technology, and adaptive to new technology.

For more -philes, check out this link from Mental Floss and this one from Bulls Eye.

Who knows a word for “loves alliterations to excess?”  I’m asking for a friend.


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