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Welcome! I’m delighted you’ve found my blog.

I’ve created this WordPress blog as a public space for my longer thoughts and musings.  I love writing and manipulating words but now that I have completed all the classes for my undergrad major, I don’t know what to write!  This blog will be a place for me to record some book and movie commentaries, as well, and maybe revisit some of my past assignments.  I’ve studied some incredible things over the years.

I’ve chosen the name Caitlin Pea for a few reasons, which I will explain now in case anyone is curious.  My last name starts with a the letter p, but I like making a word out of it.  Sweet pea flowers are some of my favorites because they come in a range of beautiful colors and they smell heavenly.  Furthermore, I am sweet and I like sweet things; baking cookies for my loved ones tends to satisfy both definitions.  I do not, in fact, like peas but I DO like the story of the Princess and the Pea– you know, the girl who sleeps on a stack of feather mattresses and pillow a mile high but still tosses and turns all night only to wake up bruised because the crafty queen placed a pea under the first mattress?  It’s supposed to prove she is a real princess and can hence marry the queen’s son, but as a part-time insomniac and full-time comfort seeker, I just love the image of sleeping on a mile-high bed of downy softness.


So there it is!  Thanks for reading my first post and I hope more will be published soon!

With joy,



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